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Diwali Wishes For you and Your Family

Diwali Wishes For Your Family…
Diwali Miss You Message…
A Fun Diwali Wish For Your…
On Diwali… Wish Your Parents!
Fun And Masti Bhari Diwali…
Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah!
Beete Hue Diwali Ki Yaadein…
Always In My Thoughts…

"Happy Diwali"

Diwali SMS-Diwali Poem-Diwali Wishes-Diwali Celebration

Diwali Is Here, Diwali Is Here. Happiness Arrives, Happiness Is Here.

Diwas Lighted In Every House. Rangoli Patterns In Every House.

Diwali Is Here, Diwali Is Here. Happiness Arives, Happiness Is Here.

Decorations On Every Door. Tiny Stars Are Shining Bright.

Diwali Is Here, Diwali Is Here. Happiness Arrives, Happiness Is Here.

Happy Diwali


Happy diwali SMS-Maa laxmi ka Vas Ho

Aaj se aap ke yahan…Dhan… Ki barsat ho,
Maa laxmi ka… Vas… Ho,
Sankatto ka… Nash… Ho,
Har dil par aapka… Raj… Ho,
Unnati ka sar par… Taj… Ho,
Ghar me shanti ka… Vas… Ho.

"Happy diwali"

Cute and Humorous Rakhi SMS- Happy Rakshabandhan/Rakhi

Gulab jaman?
Let me c.
How bout jalebi?
Hmm... Nope!
Still cant find anything as sweet as U.
Happy Raksha Bandhan


Scroll dwn if u Hate me
i don't beliv u're scrollin
I Hate u 2
Hate u
hate u
But after
our fights

Rakhi SMS For Boys You Don't Like- Happy Rakhi/Rakhsabandhan

Hello Bhaiya, how r u ?
How's life?
Rakhi bhej di hai, mil jayegi.
Mera cell kharab hai isliye me inke cell se sms kar rahi hoon.
Tumhari pyari behan - "Mallika Sherawat "


You are so cute,
darling and adorable.
Can't help forming a relationship with you...
PleaseAccept me
As yourDearest and Sweetest Behna
Happy Raksha Bandhan

Let`s Celebrate Our Freedom-Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Freedom is not Right but a Feeling!
Let`s be proud to feel the Freedom!
Let`s say loud we are INDIANS!!!
Let all of us get to-gather and
Let`s Celebrate Our Freedom!

Jai Hind!

Happy Independence day SMS-Take a stand against evil-corruption--terrorism

Take a stand against evil,corruption & terrorism 4 we belong to India,a nation of pride & we will thus say-
god bless You! hai ram!! jai hind!!!


Other might have forgotten,But never can i,The Flag of my countryFurls very high,
Happy Independence day


Halki si dhoop barsat k baad,thori si khushi her baat k baad,
Isi tarah mubarak ho aap ko,Jashan-e-azadi 1 din k baad….
Wish u a very happy independence day


I have someting for u.Close ur eyes:
U didn’t close ur eyes.So nothing 4 u ExeptMy sincerity my love & prayers
Happy Independence Day


Watan hamara misaal mohabat ki,Todta hai deewaar nafrat ki,Meri Khush naseebi,mili zindagi is chaman mein Bhula nasake koi iski khushbo saton janam mein.Happy Independence Day!


Wishing You A WonderfulSuper-Duper - ZabardastXtra-Badiya - Xtra SpecialEkdum Mast n HappyBole To Ekdum Jhakaas
*Happy Independence Day*


Thousands laid down their lives sothat our country is breathing this dayNever forget their sacrifice…
Happy Independence Day


Mera watan, mera jahanDiya hai isne mujhe kitna khumaMera bhi haq hai ki isko mein dunLe tuh mera sabkuh aur meri jaan.Happy Independence Day












Happy Friendship Day SMS-Message

It is a sweet thing, friendship, a dear balm,A happy and auspicious bird of calm...

"Happy Friendship Day"

Friendship Day SMS

Friendship is not just a word,
Friendship is not at all about spending time,
Friendship is not an expectation,
Unfortunately it cannot be defined,
& that is known as FRIENDSHIP.

Father's Day SMS Collection Part 2

Dad, your guiding
hand on my shoulder
will remain with me forever.

Happy Father’s Day


The greatest gift
I ever had
Came from God;

I call him Dad!




It is easier for a father
to have children than
for children to have a real father.

I’m glad to have u dad, HAPPY FATHERS DAY


If the relationship of
father to son could
really be reduced to biology,
the whole earth would blaze
with the glory of fathers and sons.

Happy father’s day.


You’ve seen me laugh
You’ve seen me cry
And always you were there with me
I may not have always said it
thanks and I love you
Happy Father’s Day

Fathers Day SMS Collection Part 1

I know just the person who needs "101 Ways to Be a Great Dad". Don't
worry it isn't you! Happy Fathers'Day!


I'd go through stretch marks again for you. Happy Fathers' Day, darling husband.


Thanks for being there through the tears, laughter and dirty diapers. Happy Father's Day!

Husband Wife Sexy Funny Jokes Part 3

Three Feelings:

What's the difference between stress, tension and panic?

Stress is when wife is pregnant,

Tension is when girlfriend is pregnant,

Panic is when both are pregnant.


Teacher: u know the importance of period?

Kid: Ya, once my sister said she has missed one, my mom fainted, dad got heart attack & our driver ran away.


Women asked man who is traveling with six children, all these kids are urs ???

No, I work in a condom factory & these are customer complaints.


Sons asks difference between confidence and confidential

Dad says, you are my son, I'm confident. Your friend is also my son, that's confidential!


Mother to her teenage daughter: I think this is the right time we should talk about sex.

Daughter (Excitingly) : Sure mom, tell me what do you want to know. Mother Faints...

Husband Wife Sexy Funny Jokes part 2

What is the definition of Mistress?

Someone between the Mister and Mattress


Husband asks , "Do u know the meaning of WIFE??

"Without Information Fighting Everytime"

Wife replies," No, It means ,

"With Idiot For Ever!!!"

Husband Wife Sexy Funny Joke Part1

Two men meet while both where looking for their lost wives.

1st: How yours look like?

2nd: She is 5"7, 36-24-36, Fair, Black eyes. What about yours?

1st: Forget mine. Lets find yours!!


Man comes home, finds his wife with his friend in bed. He shoots his friend to death.

Wife says, "If you behave like this, you will lose ALL your friends".

Love has no limit.....

While Dad was polishing his new car,
his 4 yr old son picked stone & scratched lines on the side of the car.

In his anger, Dad took the child's hand & hit it many times, not
realizing he was using a wrench.

At the hospital, his child said "Dad when will my fingers grow back?"

Dad was so hurt.

He went back to car and kicked it a lot of times.

Sitting back he looked at the scratches, child wrote "I LOVE YOU DAD"

World's shortest essay...!!

This is a story of a 16 year old boy from New Hampshire who won the
World's shortest essay competition.

He was awarded a scholarship at the University of Harvard for his
Imagination and humor ....Here's an example of absolute

Shortest Essay:

An English university creative writing class was asked to write a
Concise essay containing the following elements:

1) Religion 2) Royalty 3) Sex 4) Mystery







The prize-winner wrote:

"My God," said the Queen, "I'm pregnant. I wonder who the father is."

Divorce Cake Nowadays many people requires this :)

Divorce Cakes

Divorce Cakes

Divorce Cakes

Divorce Cakes

Magical Tap A Wonderful Creation

HOW ??

The magic tap, which appears to float in the sky with an endless supply of water.
In actuality, there is a pipe hidden in the stream of water. The construction is fascinating and is easy to make, if the pipe is made of transparent Perspex than you would never see it inside the water stream.

Quotes that make sense when Time goes Wrong for You

1. If time doesn't wait for you, don't worry!
Just remove the damn battery from the clock and Enjoy life!

2. Expecting the world to treat u fairly coz u r a good person is like
expecting the lion not to attack u coz u r a vegetarian.

Think about it.

3. Beauty isn't measured by outer appearance and what clothes we wear,
but what we are inside. So, try going out naked tomorrow and see the admiration!

4. Don't walk as if you rule the world,
walk as if you don't care who rules the world!

That's called Attitude…! Keep on rocking!

5. Every lady hopes that her daughter will marry a better man than she did
and is convinced that her son will never find a wife as good as his father did!!!

6. He was a good man. He never smoked, drank had no affair.
When he died, the insurance company refused the claim.
They said, he who never lived, cannot die!

7. A man threw his wife in a pond of Crocodiles?
He's now being harassed by the Animal Rights Activists for being cruel to the Crocodiles!

8. So many options for suicide:
Poison, sleeping pills, hanging,
jumping from a building, lying on train tracks,

but we chose Marriage, slow sure!

9. Only 20 percent boys have brains, rest have girlfriends!

10. All desirable things in life are either
illegal, banned, expensive or married to someone else!

11. 10% of road accidents are due to drunken driving.
Which makes it a logical statement that 90% of accidents are due to driving without drinking!

Mothers Day Special wishes Message Happy Mothers Day

Mummy, I Love you For all that you do.

I'll kiss you and hug you'Cause you love me, too.

You feed me and need me To teach you to play,

So smile 'cause I love you On this Mother's Day.

Mummy, I love you. Happy Mothers Day

For the best mom Happy Mothers Day

For the best mom

who always had a smile for me

I know we may be far apart right now

So here's a great big hug and kiss

Happy Mother's Day

Mothers Day SMS, When You feel You are alone in the Crowd

When You feel You are alone in the Crowd,
When You Think No One can Understand You,
When Your love is rejected by others,
& when You hate Your Life,
Just Close Your eyes, & see,
Her face who Loves You more than any one else,
Who Care for You in loneleness,
& dies when You cry.
She is no one, But Your Sweet Loving Mother.
Love Your Mom.

Happy Mother's Day

Hot joke only for adults 18+

A girl asks her boyfriend to come over Friday night and have dinner with her parents. Since this is such a big event, the girl tells him that after dinner, she would like to have sex with him for the first time.

The boy is ecstatic, but he has never had sex before, so he takes a trip to the pharmacy to get some condoms. The pharmacist helps the boy for about half an hour. He tells the boy everything there is to know about condoms and sex. At the register, the pharmacist asks the boy how many condoms he'd like to buy a 3-pack, 10-pack or family pack. The boy insists on the family pack because he thinks he will be rather busy, it being his first time and all.

That night, the boy shows up at the girls parents house and meets his girlfriend at the door. "Oh, I'm so excited for you to meet my parents! Come on in!"

The boy goes inside and is taken to the dinner table where the girl's parents are seated. The boy quickly offers to say grace and bows his head. A minute passes, and the boy is still deep in prayer, with his head down 10 minutes pass, and still no movement from the boy. Finally, after 20 minutes with his head down, the girlfriend leans over and whispers to the boyfriend,
"I had no idea you were this religious."
The boy turns, and whispers back, "I had no idea your father was a pharmacist!"

Prove your Intelligence ? Do solve this puzzle if you can ?

This is an unusual paragraph. I'm curious how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so plain you would think nothing was wrong with it. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is unusual though. Study it, and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out.

Prove your intelligence and Brilliance by solving this puzzle

Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday?

Puzzle for brilliants and intelligents. Do solve it if you can ?

What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

Solve this puzzle if you can, Brain stressing...

A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for Over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?

Can You Figure These Out? Do answer if you can...

A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years.
Which room is safest for him ?

Laughter Bomb, Funniest SMS, Girl vs Shopkeeper

Girl: Do you have Cards with sentimental Love quotes?

Shopkeeper: Oh sure..@! How about this card, it says "To the only boy I
ever loved.!"

Girl: Thats good, Give me 12 of them..!

Husband Wife laughter Bomb, SMS, Funny, Gags, Philosophy of life

Philosophy of life:

At the begining of married life,

every gal treats her husband as GOD,

Later on somehow the alphabets got reversed..!

Laughter Bomb, Just for Gags, Funny SMS, Message

Employee: Boss, Now i have got married..! Please increase my

BOSS: Factory is not responsible for accidents occuring outside the

Most Relationships fail not because of the absence of love..SMS

Most Relationships fail not because of the absence of love..

Love is always present...

Its just that,One loves too much and The other loves too many

An interesting line written at the back of a Biker's T Shirt

" If you are able to see this, Please tell me that my galfriend has fallen off "

Laughter Pills, Just for Gags, Funny SMS

Long back, a person who sacrificed his sleep,

Forgot his family,

Forgot his food,

Forgot laughter were called "Saints"

But now they are called..

"IT professionals"

Valentines Day SMS, Valentines SMS, Valentine Day Text SMS

No poems no fancy words I just want the world to know that I LOVE YOU my Princess with all my heart. Happy Valentine's Day

My soul is shattered without your arms to hold me,
Like a mirror without a reflection. I Love U my Valentine

My eyes are blind without your eyes to see,
Like a rose without color. Always be there in my life sweetheart.

Without Love -- days are sad day, moan day, tears day, waste day, thirst day, fright day, shatter day. So be in love everyday...Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

I am opening an emotional bank account for u sweetheart, so deposit your love in it and you will get the interest.

"I'm enthralled by your beauty, mesmerized by your charisma and spellbound by your love. No wonder I am always thinking about you. I wish to celebrate every Valentine with you. Happy Valentine's Day!

If I could die early I would ask God if I could be your guardian angel, so I could wrap my wings around you and embrace you whenever you feel alone.

Love so much my heart is sure. As time goes on I love you more, Your happy smile. Your loving face no one will ever take your place. Wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!

I ask God for a rose n he gave me flowers;
I ask God for water n he gave me an ocean;
I ask God for an angel n he gave me the best love ever!

Love can be expressed in many ways. One way I know is to send it across the distance to the person who is reading this.

To be honest with you, I don't have the words to make you feel better, but I do have the arms to give you a hug, ears to listen to whatever you want to talk about, and I have a heart; a heart that's aching to see you smile again.

May this Valentine bless us with the cupid of love and warmth of romance. Happy Valentine's Day Honey!

My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you!

Let's share the world
. A sea is for you, and waves are for me.
The sky is for you, and stars are for me.
The sun is for you, and light is for me.
Everything is for you, and you are for me.

Here is my heart, it is yours so take it,
Treat it gently, please do not break it.
Its full of love thats good and true,
So please keep it always close to u.

If I could die early I would ask God if I could be your guardian angel, so I could wrap my wings around you and embrace you whenever you feel alone.